We are Tigerlily

A social marketing platform used by more than 80 iconic brands across more than 60 countries.

We help fortune 1000 companies managing and optimizing their social strategies with a collaborative, scalable and performance-driven enterprise software featured in Mashable, The Financial Times and Techcrunch.

  • Silver award
  • Finalist
  • Techcrunch Europa
  • Winner facebook Mobile Hack

Our mission


Each social application is designed with carefully to provide unique experiences and great results both in terms of PR and organic performance.


As a independent company we are both reactive and flexible, we integrate new features everyday to help you be more productive and efficient.


Innovation is one of our core strengths, whether to help you optimize your performance or to make the difference on your market.


We invented a new kind of professional services to support your teams, orchestrate and improve your social media strategies.

Our team

  • Matthieu Chéreau

    Matthieu Chéreau

    CEO • Co-Founder

  • Guillaume Simon

    Guillaume Simon

    Product Director • Co-Founder

  • Mathieu Fosse

    Mathieu Fosse

    CTO • Co-Founder

  • Matthieu Maloux

    Matthieu Maloux

    Client Director

  • Pierre Tucoulat

    Pierre Tucoulat

    Sales Manager

  • Hakim Ben Khémis

    Hakim Ben Khémis

    Sales Manager

  • Charlie Rothwell

    Charlie Rothwell

    Social Media Consultant

  • Quentin Habert

    Quentin Habert

    Social Media Consultant

  • Marion Watkins

    Marion Watkins

    Social Media Consultant

  • Loïc Lepetit

    Loïc Lepetit

    Social Media Consultant

  • Natacha Gasc

    Natacha Gasc

    Social Media Manager

  • Elodie Pruvot

    Elodie Pruvot

    Office Manager

  • Marion Thomas-Mauro

    Marion Thomas-Mauro

    Art director - Designer

  • Ludovic Riffault

    Ludovic Riffault

    UI/UX Designer

  • Tachun Lin

    Tachun Lin

    Front-End Developer

  • Benjamin Bouwyn

    Benjamin Bouwyn

    Front-End Developer

  • Ugo Onali

    Ugo Onali

    Front-End Developer

  • Rémy Blamaud

    Rémy Blamaud

    Front-End Developer

  • Vincent Hellot

    Vincent Hellot

    Software Architect

  • Julien Blanchard

    Julien Blanchard


  • Flavien Cogez

    Flavien Cogez


  • Tarik Ihadjadene

    Tarik Ihadjadene


  • Ana Rosas

    Ana Rosas


  • Victor Mours

    Victor Mours


  • Xavier Nayrac

    Xavier Nayrac


  • Georgette



Investors & Advisors

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